6W G45 Dimmable Golf Ball Bayonet, 60W EQV, 90+High CRI, Bayonet LED Golfball Bulbs – 5 Pack

  • 【About this bulb】 Retro Golfball Style, Deep Dimmable, 650Lumen, Warm White 2700K, 60W EQV, 90+CRI, 360 Degrees Beam Angle.
  • 【Excellent Color】 These golfball bulbs give out a very relaxing and cozy warm white light. Hizashi lighting tech has increased this index to more than 90Ra as a standard quality. Higher CRI will restore the colour of objects in a higher level. No more gloomy or distorted colours in the house. Read more in pic 6.
  • 【Advanced Dimming】 Smooth and extended dimming range, compatible with most of modern LED dimmers. Dimmable design for filament bulbs are not an easy work. We have been doing constant experiments on the compatibility test. Please kindly check our experiment result in Pic 4 and below dimmer list. Being able to adjust your light brightness means you’re able to create the perfect atmosphere in your room anytime. Even at low light levels, HIZASHI’s light is stable and pure.
  • 【Your Safety is Our Priority】 Anti-short-circuit design will always protect your home automatically from fire hazards and electric shock. Hizashi NEVER cut corners on safety design. All products comply with CE/EMC/EMI/LVD/RoHS , etc. Please buy with confidence.
  • 【Save Your Bill】 Save up to 92% on energy costs by replacing 60W with just 6W. A happy decision for chandeliers, sconces and other high usage areas in the home.

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6W IC Driver Dimmable LED Filament G45 Bulb 5-Pack

Base Type: E27/B22/E14
Shape Type: Globe
Working Voltage: AC 230V
Color Temperature: 2700K (Warm White)
Incandescent Equivalent: 60W
Lumen: 650lm
Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
Size: Diameter 45mm x Height 75mm
Material: Metal base and Glass
Light Source: 6 pcs golden wire LED filaments
High CRI: CRI for all Hizashi filament bulbs are rated at 90+Ra. With this function you can always see a vibrant and bright colour indoor even it is rainy or cloudy.

Please Note: 
Our bulbs can work with most of the LED dimmer brands in EU. Below dimmers are tested and recommended:
1. Varilight V-pro: 250W & JQP401W
2. BG Dimmer: DM400AP 250W
3. Zano: Zgrid 5-250/Zgrid 500
4. Hamiltion Dimmer: 25-200W (N200/G)/40-400W (H-GDM4002)
5. Asia Link: 60-400W (8081)
6. MK: K4501 WHILV 220W/ K1523/K1524 WHILV 300W
7. LAP: VKDM400E
8. Cclik: MD9022/MD9042
9. Aurora:AU-DSP4000X
10. RPP Dimmer: DSP250/DSP400
11. Bell: KDM250PL
12. Coolingwood: DM298GRID 90W
13. Richmond Lighting: ECU 1000W
14. Danlers : DQDGD 250W/DSSGD MK400W

Warranty: 2-year unlimited warranty

Why Hizashi bulbs? 
Hizashi bulbs are made of A-grade material and comply to different certifications like CE, TUV, UL, RoHS, etc
We are committed to provide the best dimming experience and true colour just like what the old incandescent did but in a much more energy-saving way.


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