Dimmable 8W ST64 Vintage LED Edison Bulb E26 Filament Light, 75W Equivalent, Ultra Warm 2200K, CRI 90+

  • ✔ Ultra Warm Color: Our antique look “Squirrel Cage” filament bulbs have a stunning amber tint from a retro glass bulb. High CRI(color rendering index) 90+Ra is our standard quality as we always want you to see REAL COLOR the way they are supposed to be seen.
  • ✔ 0-100% Full Dimming: Smooth and extended dimming range from 0%-100%(from dark to the brightest), compatible with most of modern LED dimmers. See dimmer list below. No flickering, No noise. We believe you will be away from any flickering or strobe after changing to Hizashi bulbs.
  • ✔ High Stability: Our LED filaments are encapsulated of Golden Wire and Japanese brand chip and ceramic fixture. A grade material guarantees three year warranty and long lifespan over 25,000 hours.
  • ✔ Multipl Application: Our Squirrel cage bulbs work well at shops, dinning room, sconces or any general purpose area with an E26 base socket. It gives out beautiful amber glow to decorate your room, garden, hotel, office and so on.
  • ✔ Warranty: 3 years warranty. Manufactured by Hizashi Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. We provide a No-question-asked return and refund if not satified.

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Hizashi ST64 Vintage Edison Bulb

The specially retro amber glass makes the light softer and warmer and stand out from other transparent light bulbs on the market. They are designed to replace your old incandescent bulbs, ideal for home or commercial decoration.

Smooth Dimming Performance

Hizashi’s excusively IC technology ensures our bulbs match over 95% LED dimmers. Enjoy an extended dimming range from 0%-100%. No flickering, No noise.

Recommended Dimmer:

LUTRON: DVCL-153P, SCL-153P, AYCL-153P, S-600PNL, AYCL-253P, DV-600P, DV603PG, SCCL-153P, D-600PH-WH, MACL-153-WH, MACL-153M, MSCL-VP153M, MSCL-OP153M, MRF2-6CL, TGCL-153PH-WH, TGCL-163PH-WH, PD-6WCL, S603P

LEVITON: 6674, 6631, 6672, 6681

FEIT: 72301


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