Dimmable Frosted LED G45 Filament Bulb 6W, E12, 60W Equivalent – 6 Pack

  • ✔ Excellent Color: 2700K bulbs give a very relaxing and cozy warm white color & 5000K bulbs give a bright and energetic daylight color. High CRI (color rendering index) 90+ can let you see the true color in your home. Cover your surroundings in TRUE and NATURAL colors with this warm white color.
  • ✔ 0-100% Full Dimming: Smooth and extended dimming range, see dimmer list below. No strobe, No buzz. (Lutron LED Dimmers are recommended).
  • ✔ High Stability: Your safety is our top priority. All products are strictly operated by EMC/EMI/ Surge Test/Overload test/Short Circuit test/Over-heat Test. UL and FCC certified and come with 3 years warranty
  • ✔ Superior Quality: LED chip bonded on pure synthetic sapphire substrate. LED COB filaments are encapsulated of Golden Wire and Japanese brand chip. Each bulb comes with 650lm and 35,000h lifespan.
  • ✔ Warranty: 3 years warranty. Manufactured by Hizashi Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. We provide a No-question-asked return or refund service if not satisfied.

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Deep Dimming Tech Powered By Hizashi Lighting — Dim with Fun

  • Most traditional incandescent or CFL dimmer could not be used to work with LED bulbs, and some poor quality dimmers may cause strobe or failure. To dim LED filament bulbs well, please upgrade your dimmer switches to match LED bulbs.
  • In LED industry different generations of bulbs (filament bulb, white plastic bulb, smart bulb) are designed by different dimmable solutions, so some kinds of dimmers and switches are not compatible with LED filament bulbs, especially the smart dimmers and 3- way switches.
  • That is why we suggest you to use an LED dimmer. We have tested vairous dimmers in the market and found Lutron LED dimmers work very well with our bulbs. Lutron DVCL-153P-WH Diva & Lutron DVELV-300P-WH Diva would be the best dimmer choices for you.
  • Unlike other filament bulbs with poor dimming, Hizashi’s exlsucive deep dimming brings you a much better experience. These bulbs fade step by step slowly in a wide range from 100%-0. You can easily set any brightnesss level that please you.


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